Tina is the Chief Operating Officer and brings over 17 years of experience in healthcare staffing.   Her vast knowledge and understanding of how the industry has changed and evolved gives her an edge on strategic planning and running a successful operation.  She has overseen several company acquisitions and successfully implemented policy and process changes in Recruitment, Compliance, Payroll and HR.  Tina has a hands-on approach to management and training.  She believes that trust and relationship building, partnered with strong problems solving abilities, is instrumental in building a solid foundation to a successful business.

Tina is extremely passionate about uplifting others and making everyone around her successful.  She enjoys spending time with her family and giving back to the community.  She is an active supporter of the Autism Speaks organization, in hopes to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Tina believes that a successful lifestyle is finding a solid work-life balance that allows you to be impactful in your profession as much as in your community.