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Artificial Intelligence Recruitment

We leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize and optimize the recruitment experience. Our AI-based technology tools bring efficiency and effectiveness to the hiring process, delivering improved outcomes and transforming the way organizations recruit, place, and source talent.

Consulting - Direct specialize in AI-based recruitment solutions. Our highly trained recruiters are well-versed in leveraging AI-supported tools to streamline and optimize various processes. By harnessing the capabilities of intelligent automation, we enhance the impact we make on clients, candidates, and partners.

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How Can Our AI Recruitment Solution Benefit Your Organization?

  • Easy Sourcing and Screening

    With AI, our recruiters efficiently filter and screen candidates, saving time and effort. Whether you need computer engineering graduates, digital marketing professionals, sales experts, or staffing for other positions, our AI staffing solutions enable seamless sourcing and screening.

  • Faster Job Vacancy Closure

    When your company needs to scale up projects quickly, traditional staffing and recruiting methods can be challenging. Our AI staffing solutions enable rapid fulfillment of staffing targets, ensuring job vacancies are closed within the desired time frame.

  • Better Long-Term Staffing Outcomes

    Through intelligent automation and data analytics, we identify candidates who align with your organization's culture, behavior, and workplace requirements. This leads to improved employee performance, engagement, and lower attrition rates, resulting in better long-term staffing outcomes.

  • Optimized Talent Acquisition

    Our AI-driven processes focus on your unique talent acquisition needs. Our staffing services agents act as valuable partners in sourcing and hiring, leveraging AI technology to match, engage, and attract top talent while optimizing operational costs. Continuous data analytics enable us to refine and enhance our staffing and recruitment strategies.

Looking for top talent or the perfect job?

You've come to the right place. At Consulting - Direct, we specialize in connecting top IT, engineering, financial, hospitality, and non-technical professionals with leading companies across a range of industries. Explore our services and solutions today.

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Positions We Recruit For

At Consulting - Direct, we specialize in providing top-notch staffing and sourcing solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise and focus are centered around the following industries.


The industry, which includes electricity, natural gas, and water, has unique IT needs and we are equipped to meet them. 


Talented IT professionals for Data Science, Data Engineering, AI, Computer Vision, Database, Data Analytics.


Always on the lookout for experts on Cloud, DevOps/SRE, Network Engineering, and Systems Administration.


Our IT staffing solutions connect  companies with skilled AR/VR, AI and Machine Learning Engineers.


We recruit developers for Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Embedded, Quality Analysis.


If you’re looking for openings in Cloud Security, Infrastructure Security or Network Security, you’re at the right place.


We source exceptional talent in Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Chemical Engineering.

Financial Services

Our team connects skilled professionals opportunities in Investment Banking, Risk Management, Financial Planning, and Insurance.


We specialize in finding outstanding talent for Hotel Management, Event Planning, Culinary Arts, and Customer Service.

Non-Technical Roles

We also excel in staffing for Non-Technical Roles, such as Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Administrative Support.

Voice of Success: Our Happy Clients Speak

"I had a fantastic experience working with Consulting - Direct. Their team took the time to understand my skills, career aspirations, and preferences, resulting in finding me the perfect job opportunity. They provided valuable guidance throughout the interview process and ensured a smooth transition into my new role. I'm grateful for their support and would highly recommend their services."
Software Developer
"Consulting - Direct has been instrumental in advancing my career. They not only matched me with a challenging and rewarding job opportunity but also provided valuable career guidance and support. Their team's professionalism and expertise in the industry are commendable. I am grateful for their assistance and would highly recommend ConsultingDirect to anyone seeking career growth."
Senior Project Manager

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